Pronto Service Company


Pronto Service Company is a rental tool company servicing northwest and central Oklahoma.  Pronto was started in 1992 by Bill Tomlinson and Randy Holder and is currently owned by Tom and Randy Holder and based in Hennessey, Oklahoma

Pronto Service Company currently owns a drillmobile, 6 BOPís, and an assortment of down hole rental tools.  Pronto can provide experienced personnel for fishing, squeezing, and drilling operations done in a cased hole environment or deepening an existing well in open hole.  A complete list of rental tools can be provided upon request.


Tom Holder President 580-541-7037
Randy Holder Vice President 405-853-1001
David McNabb Service 580-623-1963
Javier Orozco Hennessey Service 405-853-1532